The roadmap of CREA

The Director General of CREA set up a (n. 444/2016 del 06.05.2016)  Working group for the adoption of the Charter and Code. The WG includes researchers, engineers, heads of units and other staff both with permanent and temporary working contracts. The main task of the WG are: a) the development of a Gap Analysis that will compare the principles of the Charter and Code with current rules and practice, and b) propose to the Governing bodies of CREA an Action Plan for the adoption of measures that will fill the gaps in the near future.
The Commissioner and Legal Representative of CREA Dr. Salvatore Parlato sent a letter to the European Commission (DG R&I B2) on 11 July 2016 endorsing the Charter and Code on behalf of CREA and committing the organisation to the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), a work plan divided into five steps that each scientific or academic institution is called to carry on a voluntary basis. The Deputy Commissioner, Prof. Alessandra Gentile and the Director General, Dr. Ida Marandola were indicated as “sponsors” and supervisors of the process. The Coordinator of the Working Group, Dr. Stefano Bisoffi, Technical Director o CREA will report to the sponsors. CREA committed itself to producing a Gap Analysis and an Action Plan within one year.
Between the months of March and April 2017 the Working Group launched a survey among all the employees of CREA in order to measure the «perceived» gaps between the principles of the Charter and Code and the rules and current practice of CREA. The response rate was 59.4%. You can download two PDF documents reporting the outcomes: the first one reports the frequencies of opinions expressed on each statement; the second one the distribution of respondents according to gender, role, seniority, etc.
The survey outcomes were considered by the Working Group in finalising the “Gap Analysis” and “Action Plan” based on the Commission templates. Drafts of the two documents were submitted to the Director General and Prof. Alessandra Gentile 14 June, 2017.
In its meeting of 26 June 2017, the Management Board of CREA approved the Gap Analysis and Action Plan to be submitted to the European Commission for an independent evaluation aimed at the recognition of “Human Resources Excellence in Research” for CREA.

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