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Euraxess (solo in lingua inglese)
La Carta e il Codice nelle altre istituzioni italiane:
The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ESF & ALLEA, 2011) (solo in lingua inglese)
Freedom, Responsibility and Universality of Science (ICSU, 2014) (solo in lingua inglese)
Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research Collaborations, 2013) (solo in lingua inglese)
General guidelines for research ethics (The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees) (solo in lingua inglese)
San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (solo in lingua inglese)
French National Charter for Research Integrity (CPd’U, INRA, INSERM, CNRS, CIRAD, INRIA, IRD, Inst. Curie, 2015) (solo in lingua inglese e francese)
The Frascati Manual 2015 (OECD) (solo in lingua inglese e francese)
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