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SYSTEMIC: A Knowledge Hub on Food and Nutrition Security

173 researchers from 41 research institutions from 8 countries (Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Latvia) together to create a network to face the global climatic change from a nutritional point of view. 

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SYSTEMIC started on the 1st of July 2020 and will run for 3 years. The overall aim is to foster transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration and networking to catalyse and accelerate research that integrates the different facets of the food system to address climate and global change challenges. The SYSTEMIC project will work through a series of workshops on cross-cutting themes, building on and connecting existing initiatives, projects, and programs. The objectives will be exemplified using specific test cases including cereals, legumes, and olive oil for terrestrial, and fish, molluscs and algae for aquatic systems, but the generated data management processes could be applied to other systems in the future. CREA takes part in SYSTEMIC with two EoI: CLIMAQUALITEC, coordinated from Giuseppe Mandolino, Centre for Cereals and Industrial Crops researcher,, and NutriSUSFood, coordinated from Marika Ferrari, Centre for Food and Nutrition researcher. 


SYSTEMIC has received funding for a total Budget of about 1.7 Million Euros from national research funding parties in Belgium (FWO), France (INRAE), Germany (BLE), Italy (MIPAAF), Latvia (IZM), Norway (RCN), Portugal (FCT), and Spain (AEI).


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