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Budget office

Budget office

Mrs Carla Berti

Via Po 14, 00198 - Roma

Phone number: +39 06 47836 323


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Competencies of the office

  • provides administrative support to the activities of the Board of Auditors;
  • handles relations with the cashier's institute and prepares the cash checks of the institution;
  • prepares the budget and final balance sheet and the measures for change;
  • prepares the acts necessary for economic and financial planning;
  • ensures the exercise of the accounting functions of the central administration;
  • ensures the administrative and accounting regularity of the acts of expenditure carried out by the central administration and takes care of the collection of revenue of the entire body;
  • carries out accounting control activities on the accounting procedures of research structures;
  • handles the mission processing of central government personnel and provides guidance to the relevant structures;
  • provides support for the reporting of research projects;
  • it takes care of the fulfilments connected with the presentation of the tax returns required by current legislation (e. g. form 770, single form and VAT return) and with the annual payment of the relative taxes for which the central administration is responsible;
  • provides for the payment of compensation to professionals entrusted with tasks by the Body;
  • carries out verification activities under the fiscal aspect of contracts, agreements and conventions to which the Entity is a party;
  • provides guidelines and, where necessary, support for the fulfilment of the obligations provided for by the tax laws in relation to the tasks and activities carried out by the research structures and by the central administration;
  • handles the appeal of payment slips and, more generally, the acts of collection execution in cases where the CREA can be directly in court, and prepares the acts of investigation and assignment where it is necessary to the patronage of a qualified defender;
  • prepares the payment of the contributions of agricultural workers;
  • arranges the centralised payment, by means of a F24EP model, of the tax, social security and social security withholdings of the entire Entity;
  • manages the procedures for the compulsory recovery of debts and the execution of judicial orders.



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