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Management direction

Management direction

Via Po 14 00198 ROMA 

Phone number: +39 06 47836 675

The Administrative Directorate is at the general management level. It carries out coordination and support activities in legal, administrative and accounting matters between the offices of the central administration and the research structures, promoting to this end the integration of the administrative activities of the body.

It guarantees the coordination of the management offices through the constant updating of the activities in progress. It supplies the management of personnel, negotiation activities and the care of the fulfilments for the preparation of the budget and tax documents. It formulates proposals to the General Management for the revision and updating, where necessary, of the entity's regulations. It provides for the issue of circulars and directives on matters falling within its competence and for the preparation of any other legal act suitable for intervening in the organisational structure of the Body. It ensures the preliminary activity, for the aspects falling within his competence, of the acts to be submitted, through the General Manager, to the Board of Directors. It supports the Director General in the management of trade union relations.

The Administrative Department has set up the Disciplinary Procedures Office (UPD) provided for in Article 55-bis of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001.

The Administrative Directorate is made up of the following offices ofnongeneral management level: 

DA1 - Budget Office
DA2 - Human Resource Management 
DA3 - Recruitment and labour
DA4 - Legal Affairs
DA5 - Tenders and Contracts
DA6 - General Affairs
DA7 - Information Systems 

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