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Tenders and contracts

Tenders and contracts

Mrs Silvia Incoronato (ad interim)

Via Po 14, 00198 - Roma

Phone number: +39 06 47836 423


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Competencies of the Office

  • oversees the rationalisation of expenditure on supplies and services through the management and development of centralised contracts;
  • takes care of all the fulfilments regarding contracts and procedures relating to the procurement of work, services and centralized supplies at the level of the Entity;
  • manages all purchases in the economy for the central administration and coordinates the similar activities of the research facilities;
  • manages all public procedures related to the maintenance of the real estate assets of the entity in agreement with Office D5 Heritage, Prevention and Safety;
  • coordinates the planning of purchases of large scientific equipment on the instructions of the competent offices of the central administration;
  • carries out all the procedures for the purchase of bibliographic materials, and subscriptions to online journals and databases;
  • takes care of and manages all the contracts of the Body that do not fall within the competence of other Offices of the Central Administration.



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