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Assets, prevention and safety

Assets, prevention and safety

Mrs Fidalma D'Andrea

Via Po 14, 00198 - Roma

Phone number: +39 06 47836 229


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Competencies of the Office

  • supports the General Manager in the valorisation of the real estate assets of the Institution;

  • is responsible for the management of movable and movable property entered in public registers;
  • it keeps and updates the inventory of the real estate owned by the Entity, ensuring that it is valued for asset accounting purposes and supervises the inventory procedures of the movable property of the structures, taking care of the procedures for reconnaissance and disposal of movable property, through the relative loads and unloading of inventory;
  • arranges the three-year public works programme of CREA as required by current legislation;
  • prepares and submits to the Board of Directors the Three-Year Plan of Acquisitions and Disposals and takes care of the consequent fulfilments;
  • puts in place all the acts relating to leases for residential and other use, administrative concessions, loans, rents of rural land, as well as the creation of rights in rem to use real estate;
  • is responsible for the management of all acts relating to the rental of buildings intended to house some offices of the Body;
  • manages, coordinates and monitors the obligations connected with the safety and health of workers pursuant to art. 33 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, also through the adoption of an organisational model for prevention and safety and the preparation of an appropriate control system for the implementation of the model;
  • ensures the coordination of safety activities and, in particular, with regard to the safety managers of the prevention and protection services with regard to conventional risks, authorised doctors with regard to health surveillance, experts qualified for particular sectors (radiation protection, chemical agents, etc. ); technical and management support for the activities of the workers'; safety representatives; management of health surveillance and training of emergency personnel;
  • provides support to research structures with regard to the correct application of current safety regulations;
  • handles the activities related to the holding of the Entity's shares in different legal entities, such as consortia, foundations, companies, associations, with the exception of spin-off companies;
  • is responsible for the preliminary investigation for the signing of the deeds of incorporation of legal persons, associations and foundations;


Katia INGOGLIA +39 06 47836 284 - 

Gloria TUMBARELLO +39 06 47836 360 - 

Marilena ANIBALLI  +39 06 47836 331 - 

Liana SANTARSEIRO +39 06 47836 206 - 

Paolo FANTECHI  +39 06 47836 354 - 

Gennaro VASSALINI +39 06 47836 226 - 

Andrea CAMPETI +39 06 47836 343 - 

Carlo MAMMANO +39 0647836618 - 

Serena BARTOCCI +39 06 47836 367 - 


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