The new portal

The site you are visiting is temporary and will lead to the new CREA portal which is currently under construction.

To effectively communicate the roles and activities of CREA

We want to articulately convey our mission in detail and its impact on citizens, and to explain the different aspects of operations and activities. These activities are oriented to continuously improve competitiveness and sustainability of the Italian agri-food system, and consumer protection. We want to highlight how CREA is segmented in different Research Centers with different skills, underlining how ubiquitous our presence is in the territory and how our studies are integrated: from the soil to nutrition for every person. Moreover, we want to give more visibility to the Research Centers, supporting them with accurate information services for the content production and communication development of all activities, to enable direct relationships between interested parties.

To engage the highest number of users and build a closer relationship with them

The new website will have a clear and concise language with a functional but distinctive interface. It will be a suitable channel to offer a scientifically authoritative and institutional position on current topics of public debate and will aim to strengthen the partnership with those working in the agri-food sector on numerous levels, from the farmer to the largescale agriculture entrepreneur, from the transforming distribution, from Local and national institutions to community and international levels, without ever forgetting the consumer.

Through the site we want to communicate our know-how to grow the Italian agro-food sector and expand the activities of international collaboration with other organizations and—at the same time—provide information and monitoring services, and laboratories and consultancy.

New name, old story

CREA is called this way since Expo 2015 but, even under different names, we have been involved in agricultural research since Cavour, Prime Minister of Agriculture during the former Kingdom of Italy, when he established closer ties to farmers. In fact, by our itinerant professorships, we brought innovation to the countryside; meanwhile—a century later with our studies in nutrition—we helped to define the Mediterranean diet, favoring its consecration to healthy food styles; we have made ‘Made in Italy’ famous throughout the world, improving and conserving the enogastronomic tradition, cultural landscapes, traditions and knowledge.

Putting the consumer in the center

Closer to the consumer, providing what is truly needed: authoritative and easily available information, effective innovation, punctual and click-away services, maximum transparency regarding the activities of the organization, projects, research results, registered patents, job opportunities.

To create and transfer innovation

To underline the importance of research and innovation projects in the field of agriculture, making the results easy to access, supporting business, assisting farmers and breeders, and reassuring the population.

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