The new portal

This site is temporary; the new CREA website is currently under construction and will be available soon.

To show CREA vision

We want to underline in a newly manner our mission. We want to tell how we work, our expertise and how our studies can improve agriculture and agro-food industry and change the environment and the way of we think of them.

CREA activities aim to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the Italian agri-food system. At the same time we want to take care of the consumer’s needs through a correct information ed education. We want to highlight how CREA is organized in many different highly skilled Research Centers, able to cover diverse scientific competences, from the soil to the consumer. Our strength is a country-wide presence together with the added value of multidisciplinary competences. Moreover, we want to promote our Research Centers, giving them cutting edge technology to communicate their results to their target stakeholders.

To engage the highest number of users and build a closer relationship with them

The new website will be easy to use, appealing to read and immediately recognizable. It will have a “no non-sense approach” and it will be the institutional milestone on agricultural topics. It will involve all the players of the agri-food system (national and international research Institutions, policy makers, farmers, advisors, industry, consumers etc).

CREA website will communicate and share our Know-how, enabling us to strengthen the Italian agri-food sector and to improve our international activities . At the same time, it will provide information and monitoring services, laboratories and consultancy.

New name, old heritage

We are CREA since Expo 2015 but, even though under different names, we are leaders in agricultural research since the time of Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, first Minister of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Italy, during the second half of XIX century. He intended to establish a close tie between scientists and farmers and created the highly respected. itinerant professorships, which brought innovation to the countryside. In the following century, the royal research institutions became the backbone of the republican agricultural research and the leaders in innovation. An heritage which is continued by CREA. We helped to define the Mediterranean diet, easing its leadership as “queen of a healthy lifestyle”; we are supporting ‘Made in Italy’ throughout the world, improving and preserving the eno-gastronomic culture of our country, its landscapes and farming, traditions and knowledge.

Focus on the consumers

Closer to people, giving them what they really need: easy and influential information, innovation, accurate services. Maximum transparency is granted on projects, results, registered patents, job opportunities.

The innovation challenge

To highlight the importance of research and innovation in the agricultural field, making the results easy to access and apply, supporting businesses, attending to farmers and breeders’needs, and giving people correct information.

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