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Three-year plan 2021-2023

Three-year plan 2021-2023

The CREA mission presents tasks related to the promotion of sustainable development in the agricultural and food sector. Sustainability is perceived in its three main dimensions: environmental (protection and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity of agricultural, forestry and fisheries ecosystems), economic (profitability and competitiveness of agricultural, agri-food and forestry activities) and social (in particular healthiness of products and consumer protection). CREA carries out these tasks through research activities aimed at advancing scientific knowledge and developing new methodologies and solutions to current and foreseeable problems.

CREA is also entrusted with the performance of “institutional research" activities requested by Masaf and other public administrations to support knowledge for the planning of sectoral policies. In particular, this involves the collection and analysis of statistical data and certification activities, as well as real scientific advice whenever it is necessary in the implementation of national and international legislation.

Another pillar of the mission of the Body is the support to technological innovation to ensure that the advancement of knowledge can be converted into solutions actually adopted in the various production sectors and generate value for businesses and society. To this end, in compliance with current legislation, CREA may provide services to public and private entities, including under private law.

Finally, CREA, like other academic and research institutions, must maintain an active and lively dialogue with society through direct dissemination to the general public and the creation of opportunities for open and scientifically informed debate on sensitive issues, often characterised by strong public polarisation.

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