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National register of Melissopalynology experts


What it is

The National Register of Melissopalynology Experts was established by the National Institute of Apiculture, now CREA-AA, with Ministerial Decree no. 21547 of 28 May 1999 as a tool to ensure the validity of the assessments on the geographical and botanical origin of honey, royal jelly and other pollen-based products, as well as the qualitative opinions issued through microscopic analyses. It also has the task of guaranteeing a uniform and adequate professional baseline for members so that they operate according to uniform criteria, complied in a specific protocol document. This baseline and standard requirements enhance the work of operators in the sector by offering the possibility to have an additional tool for evaluating the various products and enabling them to certify their botanical and geographical origin.


N.B. Nel documento pdf è riportata la dicitura CRA-API. Si fa presente che dal 2017 al centro di Ricerca CREA-Agricoltura e Ambiente afferisce l’Unità di ricerca di apicoltura e bachicoltura CREA-API (ex CRA-API).


The carrying out and coordination of the activities of the Register is carried out with:

- the Management Committee (MC);

- the Central Office (CO).

How to enroll


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Francesca Grillenzoni

+39 051 353103 Ext. 23

Patrizia Bergomi (Secretariat)

+39 051 353103 Ext. 05 - Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00