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Durum wheat and phytopathology databases

By the Research Centre

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What's this

The material of the tests on the Experimental Evaluation Networks, coming from different national institutions with homogeneous and repeated protocols over the years, has always been available to the scientific community for investigations on different topics and has allowed the creation of large databases in dynamic updating. On these materials, the Rome laboratories carries out analyzes for the determination of the protein content of the grain on all the samples sent, while on wholemeal, semolina and pasta it analyzes: ash, Sedimentation Test, gluten content and Gluten Index, alveographic indices, color and after pasta making, overall product judgment.


What is it for

Data relating to agronomic, phytopathological, productive and qualitative responses from dozens of experimental tests are processed statistically, summarized in summary tables for Regions, Areal, and Macroareal, published in national technical-popular magazines and on the website of the Rome office of the Center in time useful to give indications to the operators of the supply chain for the imminent sowing of the following cultivation season.

Who is it for

Supply chain operators: researchers, technicians, seeds, trade associations, farmers, operators in the processing industry.

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