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The Organisation

The Organisation

CREA Head Office overseas the Research Centers and is organized as follows: 




The Admistration is responsible for the general direction and planning of activities, evaluation and strategic control; the President takes advantage of two offices at non-managerial level: the Secretariat and the Press Office.




Councilor - Gian Luca Calvi

With D. P. C. M. April 18, 2019, registered at the Court of Auditors on May 6, 2019 under no. 881, was appointed Cons. Gian Luca Calvi Extraordinary Commissioner of Crea.

Via Po 14 Roma 
Telefono: +39 06 47836 625

Segreteria Commissario Straordinario
Telefono: +39 06 47836 650

Paolo Adami

Monica Grasso

Download Gian Luca Calvi's CV

Sub-Commissioner - Professor Carlo Gaudio

By Ministerial Decree of 28 May 2019, Prof. Carlo Gaudio was appointed sub-commissioner of the CREA.

Proxies: functions of guidance for the scientific activity of the Body, as well as the coordination of the Scientific Council and the Research Centers.

Phone number: +39 06 47836 227

Download Carlo Gaudio's CV

Sub-Commissioner - Professor Massimo Bagarani

By Ministerial Decree of 28 May 2019, Prof. Massimo Bagarani was appointed sub-commissioner of CREA.

Proxies: guidance functions for the purpose of revising the organization chart and the organizational structure of the Body, also in its departmental organization, through criteria of economy, effectiveness and efficiency; monitoring and management control of the Body's assets according to the opportunity cost ratio; strategic support for access, use and reporting of funds.

Phone number: +39 06 47836 225 

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The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is the scientific coordination and guidance body of CREA. It is made up of the President of the Body - who chairs it - and twelve well-known and competent experts in the research areas of each Centre, appointed by the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, ensuring that at least a third of them are the elective expression of the Research Centers within the Body's researchers and technologists. The remaining members are chosen by the Minister among internationally renowned Italian and foreign scientists.

Technical Secretariat of the Scientific Council

Phone: +39 06 47836 250

Dr. Marina Natalini

The Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors performs the control and supervisory functions referred to in Article 2403 of the Italian Civil Code and Article 20 of Legislative Decree no. 123 of 30 June 2011. The members of the Board of Auditors attend the meetings of the Board of Directors. 


Download Laura Belmonte's CV 

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Decree appointing the Board of Auditors
  • President - Dr. Laura Belmonte
  • Effective Component - Councilor Luca Fazio
  • Effective Component - Professor Carlo Regoliosi

Secretariat of the Board of Auditors

Phone number: +39 06 47836 429

Dr. Laura Damiano

The Court of Auditors' magistrate, delegated to audit

The Court of Auditors' magistrate, delegated to audit

The Magistrate of the Court of Auditors exercises control over the financial management of the Body pursuant to Article 12 of Law No. 259 of 21 March 1958 and attends the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors. 

  • Delegate - Councilor Donato Luciano
  • Alternate Delegate - Referendary Maristella Filomena

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