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Relazioni internazionali

Institutional and international relations

The CREA, within its institutional aims and activities ”provides technical-scientific support and assistance and advice to bodies of national and international importance, to the institutions of the European Union, to Ministries, Regions, Autonomous Provinces, universities, research bodies and associations of producers and consumers" (Art. 2 of the Statute).

The Body, directly or as a representative of the Ministry of Supervision, operates through its researchers, participating in the work of many technical tables, committees, working groups at national and international level (FAO, OECD, G20, G7, SCAR, OIV, COI, etc.) where it provides qualified expertise in specific areas of expertise.

International Partnership List

Scientific and technological collaboration

As part of its efforts to promote scientific and technological cooperation, CREA has signed several international bilateral and multilateral agreements. These agreements, entered into with counterparts and international organisations, have been designed with the aim of encouraging the mobility of researchers, the growth processes on new thematic areas and aggregations around research topics of major interest for the implementation of large studies and joint participation in international funding opportunities.

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International organisations and networks

In the pursuit of its institutional aims, CREA has over the years joined various international scientific bodies and networks that bring together representatives of the European and global scientific community.

CREA's presence in these contexts is ensured through the participation of its own appointed researchers representing the Body in order to enhance and develop scientific confrontation and aggregation around research topics of relevant and emerging interest, encouraging transnational cooperation and the activation of synergies with other research institutions.

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International mobility

The international mobility programmes aim to strengthen scientific cooperation between bodies, universities and research institutions and allow researchers and scholars of different nationalities to jointly carry out scientific research projects and at the same time acquire highly specialised interdisciplinary know-how, methods and techniques.

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National Agreements

CREA, as the main Italian research body dedicated to food and agriculture, in its multidisciplinary approach, given its multi-sector operation that characterizes it and gives it that degree of uniqueness in the universe of national research, with its institutional activity aims to maintain active the already extensive network of relations with other institutions, which represent focal points in the scenario of the scientific network of the national territory.

This objective is achieved through the creation and maintenance of a series of long-term relations of a programmatic nature, with the aim of enhancing the synergistic approach between the public research system, the State and the business world, with a view to increasing the competitiveness and innovation of the country.

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International job opportunities

In accordance with the provisions of the Charter for Researchers, formally adopted by note of the Extraordinary Commissioner on 11 July 2016, the CREA undertook to launch the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRSR), obtaining the HR EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH award in 2018.

In this context, among the activities provided for in the “Action Plan" submitted to the European Commission, there is also the promotion of employment opportunities for researchers and technologists at foreign institutions and institutions.

Below are links to major websites or other sources of information where you can find job advertisements for researchers.

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