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Press office

Press office

Mrs Cristina Giannetti

Via Po 14, 00189 - Roma

Phone number: +39 06 47836 402
Fax: +39 06 47836 320

Competencies of the Office

The Press Office deals with:

a) communication to the media, such as press agencies, national and local newspapers, national and local radio and television, news and periodicals, specialised media, social media and other digital media, by means of:

  • the drafting and dissemination of press releases concerning the scientific community, the institutional leadership and the administration of CREA;
  • the coordination and implementation of special editorial content concerning CREA for the transition to newspapers and other media;
  • the planning and organisation of interviews and targeted content relating to CREA's activities;
  • the organisation of communication initiatives such as press conferences, talk shows, communication initiatives and media events, in which the President, the Director-General, managers and staff of CREA participate;
  • the media support for CREA's scientific and dissemination activities;

b) communication to the “general public” through the Entity's media, such as its institutional site, social media spaces, etc., by means of:

  • the drafting and publication of news concerning the scientific community, the institutional summit and the administration of CREA;
  • the coordination and implementation of editorial content related to CREA, such as newsletters, press releases, audio-video, etc.;
  • the analysis of the return of CREA's communication activities, carried out by monitoring: media presence, access to the area for communication to the general public of the institutional portal, and traffic on social media.

The Press Office also liaises with the research facilities for the development of:

  • the support for the organisation of events, participation in conferences, with regard to communication content;
  • handles the processing of information from research structures with a view to its dissemination in the CREA media, such as the area of the institutional site for scientific communication, e-mail newsletters addressed to science operators, etc.
  • Acquires and updates the contact details of the target audience of scientific communication, researchers, academic and research organisations, and industry.


Cristina Giannetti
Phone number +39 06 47836 402- cell. +39 345 045 17 07 –

Micaela Conterio
Phone number +39 06 47836 502- cell. +39 335 84 58 589 –

Giulio Viggiani
Phone number +39 06 47836 239 –

Monica Amoriello
Phone number +39 06 474836 283 –

Manuela Cicerchia
Phone number +39 06 47836 325 –

Organisational Secretariat
Manuela de Pace
Phone number+39 0647836 431-

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