About CREA

We are the leading Italian research organization dedicated to agri-food supply chains with a legal entity under public law, supervised by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf). Our expert scientific coverage goes from the agricultural, livestock, fish, forest, agro-industrial and nutritional sectors—to the socio-economic field. We have full scientific, statutory, organizational, administrative and financial autonomy.

With a multidisciplinary approach, we deal with the great challenges of the twenty-first century related to food production sustainability following the principles of circular economy, biobased economy and innovation transfer.

We utilize a wide range of skills: from genetics to physiology, mechanics and robotics, to the study of innovative and technical methods for the management of sustainable productions, to the fertility and functionality of soil management, silviculture, natural and cultivated environments ecology, farms, agro-food industry processes, nutritional properties of foods and their optimal consumption to maintain good health and reduce waste. We also keep attention to consumer protection.

We have a staff of over 2000, and half of them are researchers and technologists.

Then numerous companies and experimental agricultural soils that are part of our structure give us the ability to research and emulate the same conditions farmers frequently operate under, allowing us to verify the results and facilitate their applicability and communication to the sector operators.

In 2015 we have applied a functional reorganization of the previous Agency (Council for Agricultural Research - CRA), creating 12 research centers, (6 related to the supply chain and 6 transversal), with capillary networks present throughout the country, eliminating overlaps and allowing a rationalization of economic and personnel resources.

Centrally, CREA supports the Research Centers and is divided into the following organisms:


The President presides over the Directors and Scientific Board, he leads the legal representation of the Public Authority and is also responsible for institutional relations.

Via Po 14 Roma,
e-mail: segreteria.presidente@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836650

e-mail: segreteria.presidente@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836650

Mr. Paolo Adami
Dr. Micaela Conterio
Dr. Alexia Giovannetti

She supports the president in the verification of the correct implementation of the guidelines defined by the Scientific Council via the research structures; managing the relations with national and international research organizations; the supervision of the activity provided by the institution in the competence areas of the various Ministries (Economic Development, Environment, Foreign Affairs), with particular attention to the supervising Ministry (Agricultural Policies).

Via Po 14 Roma
e-mail: anna.benedetti@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836250

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors steers and plans the general schedule of the organization. It is composed of the President and four additional members selected from high-level technical-scientific entities, or those that have extensive experience in the management of public or private sectors. These members are nominated directly by decree of the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, one of them designated by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces Conference of Presidents and another is elected by researchers and technologists working on the institution.

Full Professor of the Department of Orthoflora Arboriculture and Agri-Food Technologies of the University of Catania.
Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Via Po 14 Roma
e-mail: alessandra.gentile@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836650-244


Full Professor of Agronomy and herbaceous cultivation at the University of Teramo.

Scientific Coordinator of the first level of the "Precision Agriculture" University Master, academic year 2016/2017.

Via Po 14 Roma
e-mail: michele.pisante@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836650-244

Councilor of agriculture for the Region of Tuscany, mountain policies and policies for the sea.
Member of the Board appointed by the State Regions Conference.

Via Po 14 Roma
Tel: +39-06-47836650

First Technologist CREA Research Center for Defense and Certification (DC).

Via Strada Statale 18, 204, 84091 Battipaglia (SA)
e-mail: domenico.perrone@crea.gov.it
Tel. +39-0828-305917

Board of Directors Secretariat
e-mail: segreteria.cda@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836650

Dr. Alexia Giovannetti


The Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is the coordinating and scientific council of CREA. It is made up by the President of the Authority - who presides - and twelve distinguished experts recognized for their competence in the research areas of each Center. The Board is nominated by the Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies that guarantees that at least one third of it is elected by the Research Centers (researchers and technologists of the institution). The remaining members are chosen by the Minister among highly qualified Italian and foreign scientists at international level, with expertise in the areas of competence of CREA.

Scientific Board Technical Secretariat

e-mail: segreteria.tecnica@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836250

Dr. Anna Benedetti – Coordinator
Dr. Marina Natalini
Dr. Maria Grazia Piazza


The CREA Three-Year Plan

According to the current legislation, the Scientific Board defines the three-year plan in accordance with the Statute of the Authority.

The three-year plan is adopted in accordance with the guidelines set out in the National Research Program referred to in Article 1, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 5 June 1998, n. 204 and taking into account the guidelines of the supervising Ministry. The Plan - updated annually - contains the ten-year strategic vision and operational planning and determines - on the proposal of the General Manager and in compliance with the limits deriving from the current legislation regarding personnel expenses - the consistency and changes in the workforce and staffing needs plan.

The Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors perform the functions of control and supervision related to the Article 2403 of the Italian Civil Code and the Article 20 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2011, n. 123.

The members of the Board of Auditors attends the Board of Directors meetings.
Nomination Decree Board of Auditors.

  • President - Dr. Laura Belmonte
  • Effective member - Cr. Luca Fazio
  • Effective member - Dr. Carlo Regoliosi
  • Deputy General Proc. - Pasquale Principato
    Delegate to control pursuant to art. 12 of the Law of 21 March 1958.

Board Secretariat
e-mail: collegiorevisori@crea.gov.it
Tel: + 39-06-47836429

Dr. Laura Damiano

The General Director is responsible for Authority management, supervises the organization and management of all offices’ activities, ensuring both the operational coordination of all the Authorities segments, also at the local level, and the operational/administrative addressed ones.

Via Po 14 Roma
e-mail: segreteria.direttoregenerale@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836675

e-mail: segreteria.direttoregenerale@crea.gov.it
Tel: +39-06-47836675

Dr. Laura Damiano
Segretariat chief

Ms. Maria Luigia Pallotti
Personal Assistant

Dr. Lucia Lucera

Ms. Daniela Meloccaro


Technical Office

Sr. Andrea Campeti
Tel: +39-06-47836343

Arch. Carlo Antonio Mammano
Tel: +39-06-47836618

Information Systems Office

Eng. Massimo Farroni
Tel: +39-06-47836603

Eng. Riccardo Scano
Dr. Mauro Magini
Ms. Rosella Brandini

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