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Everything about the 799 studies in progress, products, facilites and researches involved


«This report shows the essential information about CREA scientific activities offering to the public the results of  both its hard work and heritage, with more than 2000 researchers, technologists and administrative employees- so has stated Carlo Gaudio, CREA President, during the launch of the CREA Report 2020, live today from 10:00 a.m. on the youtube CREA channel -. In particular, the possibility to interconnect different studies carried out by CREA research centers forms a “fil rouge”, a link  able to join together different topics aiming to create a synergy between basic and applied research on pivotal agri-food, food and nutrition, policies and agricultural economics issues».

The CREA Report 2020 describes, for the first time ever, the work carried out by the most important Italian agricultural research institution, monitored by Mipaaf, Agricultural, Food and Forestry Ministry. This report is divided as such: researches, organized by products, scientific publications, scholarships, research grants, PhD, different facilities for both institutions and production areas, with useful indications on researches and frameworks linked to them. Easy to browse, is available on CREA website in Italian, English and, in the foreseeable future, Chinese as well.

«The Report is the first document ever published on the researches carried out by CREA since its establishment, and can be a useful tool for scholars, institutions, businesses and citizens alike to understand what CREA does, where it carries out its activities and what results has achieved. Despite the difficult year we have experienced, our activity did not halt: the 12 centers, 75 offices and 2,200 people who work there have carried over their researches on the agri-food and environmental topics, aiming to give their contribution to the world research progresses in these areas. We hope to keep improving our performance». This was the statement of Stefano Vaccari, CREA General Manager and editor of the Report.

The CREA Report 2020. 799 ongoing researches, 634 publications and 200 doctorates and research grants and scholarships. These are the most relevant numbers of the CREA research involved in various agri-food fields: from genomics to mechanical and electronic technology, from traditional varietal improvement to agricultural sustainability, from pesticides cut to an increased resistance to water stress, hardship and parasites. Moreover, animal welfare, production and natural resources enhancement- water and soil in the first place- but forests as well. This intense activity, which has also benefited from 5000 hectares of experimental land, has developed 44 patents, 195 plant variety rights and over 500 registered varieties. A special mention goes to the increase of CREA's heritage of both plant and animal collections, a unique example renowned worldwide: 119 germplasm collections, particularly the vines, olives and most of the cereals.                                                                                                               

The technical and scientific support activity to Mipaaf and to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces was particularly significant, thanks to hundreds of panels and committee, with their technical and planning documentation compliant with the European and international context (e.g. the new PAC,  a review of the shared agricultural policy and the rural development policy, through the Rural National Network, the tool to implement Rural Development Programs, of which CREA is one of the main body). Overall, around 830 initiatives were carried out to support research and institutions.

Moreover, in terms of food and nutrition, with its activity CREA contributed to consolidate worldwide the steadiness of the Italian nutritional pattern, providing the Government with scientific support to show how the Nutriscore system is failing the consumers in the comparison with the NutrInform Battery. Not least, the Food Composition Tables, the database for each and every analysis in the nutritional field, which CREA has been issuing for over 70 years.

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