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Kiwi death: the CREA study on The Japan Agri News

The Japanese newspaper, with over 300,000 views, interested in the CREA study on the factors triggering the kiwi death

Kiwi death: the CREA study on The Japan Agri News

This syndrome is difficult to resolve, whose cause isn't yet been identified, although it is associated with different reasons (fungi and bacteria in the roots, inappropriate irrigation practices and soil composition).

It has affected 8,000 hectares of plants, with a constant reduction of the surface throughout Northern and Central Italy, one of the top producers in the world, with an estimated loss of approximately 750 million gross salable production.

Laura Bardi, researcher of CREA Engineering and Agro-Food Processing and expert on the subject, interviewed by The Japan Agri News replied: "Our data seem to indicate the high summer temperatures as factors triggering the kiwi death. I think this problem is caused by the increase, in the summer, in soil temperature due to global warming, which overlaps with the lack of oxygen in the state of humidity due to long rains" 

This article was published on The Japan Agri News, agricultural daily with a circulation of more than 300,000.

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