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The Italian silk production chain on the Iranian TV MANOTO

Vida Diba, product Manager of WRÅD, gives an interview on the ethic-environmental sustainability of the Italian silk

The Italian silk production chain on the Iranian TV MANOTO

Vida Diba, Iranian architect, is the Product Manager of WRÅD, an innovative start-up, which deals with the clothing sector and daily challenges the “status quo” to educate to conscious consumption. WRÅD was founded to raise awareness among consumers of the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry and with the aim of making consumers part of the positive change of society and environment. In particular, WRÅD acts to facilitate the achievement of the 12th Goal “Responsible Production and Consumption”, one of the 17 Goals adopted by all the UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Vida, through her work, approached the Italian silk chain and was fascinated and intrigued. To better understand the process, she visited CREA – Agricolture and Environment, Sericulture laboratory of Padua and decided to give an interview about her experience to the Iranian TV Manoto, which broadcasts in “farsi”. She narrated how the Padua lab preserves its treasure of silkworm strains and mulberry varieties, and gives technical assistance to Italian farmers who produce valuable cocoons, which are transformed into silk thread and “silk and gold” jewels.


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