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Dairy technology laboratory (Bella Research Office)

Dairy technology laboratory (Bella Research Office)


At the Bella Research Office, there is an dairy technology laboratory of 250 square meters, with the tasting room (14 work stations). The facility plant was designed to process up to 5000 liters of milk per day and is equipped with a pasteurizer with a process capacity of 500 l / h. The dairy is equipped for all types of cheese: stretched curd cheeses, soft cheeses, ricotta, etc. A small area is dedicated to small-scale tests (3 double-vats with a capacity of 50 liters). The basic configuration of the plant and the subdivision of spaces allow, being an educational-experimental dairy, the implementation of both new production lines and the carrying out of training courses and demonstration days. Attached to the dairy, in addition to the tasting room, there are two cheese aging room, equipped with 6 cold rooms (for the conservation and ripening of different types of cheese) and a natural caves for the ripening of typical traditional cheeses (Pecorino di Filiano, Caciocavallo Podolico, Canestrato di Moliterno, etc.). The location of the structure, within the headquarters, makes it possible to address, from a supply chain perspective, the main issues relating to the production of typical southern Italian cheeses.

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