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Animal Production and Aquaculture

Dairy pilot plant

Dairy pilot plant


The plant has been designed to process up to 1000 liters of milk per day and is equipped with a pasteurizer with a process capacity of 800 l / h. Several dairy technologies may be processed, such as the production of Grana and other cooked cheeses, soft cheeses, stretched cheeses and ricotta. A series of storage rooms, with adjustable temperature and humidity, make it possible to set up different environmental conditions for cheese ripening studies. A small area is addressed for small-scale tests or for the evaluation of new starter culture formulations. The layout of the plant and the division of spaces allow the set up new manufacturing lines or to implement other pilot equipment for specific collaboration projects with the industry. To this regard, the structure is divided into two physically separate areas: "research area", which can host prototype plants for pilot or laboratory scale productions, and "production area", where the experiments can be carried out in semi-industrial scale. The dairy plant is located within the area of Baroncina farm, belonging to CREA-ZA, which allows to embody the entire production chain in a single site, to deal with problems related to the dairy sector from a "farm to fork" perspective.

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