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The roadmap of CREA

The roadmap of CREA


In May 2016, an internal Working Group was set up with the aim to adopt the "European Charter for Researchers" and the related "Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers". This Working Group comprised both researchers, technologists, Heads of Units and administrative staff with both permanent and temporary contracts, who were operating according to a workplan divided into five steps (2017).

In the course of its work, the Group elaborated a Gap analysis 2017 identified between the principles set out in the Charter and the Code and the rules and practices in force at that time within CREA. The Working Group subsequently invited all research and nonresearch staff, to participate in a survey aiming at the identification of actions suitable for filling the observed gaps. The participation rate was 59.4% and it is possible to download two PDF documents which report the results of the survey: the first one reports the frequencies of the opinions expressed by the participants on each proposed statement, the other one the breakdown of the respondents according to gender, profile, age, etc. Following the assessment of what emerged from the Gap Analysis and from the survey, the Working Group drew up an Action Plan 2017 for submission to the European Commission, consisting of 15 different actions to be implemented by December 2019. Further to the Gap Analysis and the Action Plan, also the CREA Strategy document for Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment (OTM-R) was produced.

All documents were sent to the European Commission in October 2017.

On March 21, 2018, following a positive assessment unanimously expressed by the evaluators, the European Commission recognized CREA with the "Human Resources Excellence in Research" (Consensus Report 2017).

Entities that have been awarded this recognition must, every three years, undergo an evaluation by the European Commission by updating the dedicated institutional website and preparing a descriptive report highlighting what has been achieved and what is still in progress. Also, in the three-year reports, new Actions are proposed to be implemented in the next three years, in addition to those already proposed.

Therefore, in May 2020 CREA sent its 2020 Internal Review Report to the European Commission for the mid-term evaluation procedure, which was approved on July 7, 2020 (2020 Consensus Report).

On March 31, 2024, CREA submitted the Internal Review Report to the European Commission for evaluation of the renewal of the award. This evaluation phase (the third including the initial evaluation in 2017) also includes a visit at the headquarters of the institution by three experts from the European Commission.

Only after this visit has taken place CREA will be given an evaluation, which, if positive, will pave the way for the next three-year period, at the conclusion of which the institution will undergo a new evaluation.

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