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UDG1 - Programming and Management control

UDG1 - Programming and Management control

Dr. Speranza De Chiara

Dr. Speranza De Chiara

Via Archimede, 59 - 00197 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 47836 323
Fax: +39 06 47836 320


Technical Secretariat of the Scientific Council:  
Marina Natalini +39 0647836 250 

Permanent technical support structure of the Independent Performance Assessment Body (OIV):  

Alessandra Pasquini + 39 06 47836 205  
Mara Sarlatto + 39 06 47836 366   

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Competences of the Office

  • It ensures the coordination between the planning documents of the Body and harmonizes the activity of the Central Administration Offices in order to implement the guidelines of the Administrative Bodies;  
  • It ensures support to the Director-General in defining the general objectives of the administration, indicators and targets, as well as in linking objectives and resources when defining the budget;  
  • It implements management control pursuant to art. 4 of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 30 July 1999, through the analysis and evaluation of costs and returns as well as analysis of direct and indirect costs, measurement of the degree of achievement of management objectives and the correct and economic management of the resources allocated, impartiality and good performance of the management activities carried out, as well as ex post measurements of the results achieved;  
  • It verifies the quality of the processes and formulates proposals and suggestions for the improvement of management on the basis of any criticalities found;  
  • It carries out the inspection activity aimed at verifying compliance with the rules and regulations in force on accounting and administrative matters, also by means of visits to the Body's structures, aimed at assessing their functionality on an administrative level as well as highlighting problems and difficulties relating to the management of administrative and personnel activities;  
  • It examines the minutes of the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, prepares the relative counter-deductions and formulates proposals and suggestions for the improvement of management on the basis of any criticalities found;  
  • It deals with the collection and organization of the information necessary for the internal monitoring and evaluation of research activities, research centres and, where applicable, researchers and technologists, in support of the organizational and managerial choices of the top management of the Organization;  
  • It handles the quality of the data in the institutional research archive;  
  • It provides technical support to the Board of Directors, the Scientific Council and the Board of Auditors, provides secretarial services and prepares the minutes of the meetings;  
  • It provides technical support on performance evaluation to the Independent Performance Assessment Body (OIV) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 150/2009;  
  • It takes care of all the fulfillments concerning the management of the performance cycle.  


Marina NATALINI + 39 06 47836 363   

Alessandra PASQUINI + 39 06 47836 205 

Maria Grazia PIAZZA + 39 06 47836 624 

Mara SARLATTO + 39 06 47836 366 

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