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UDG4 - Institutional Affairs and International relations

UDG4 - Institutional Affairs and International relations

Paola Fiore

Paola Fiore

Via Archimede, 59 - 00197 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 47836 642


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Competences of the Offices

  • ​It manages the Body's relations with the European Union and international organizations in order to strengthen research collaborations and ensure the presence of Italy, on behalf of Masaf, in international contexts;
  • It provides support to the Masaf, the MISE and the MAECI for international relations in the areas of competence of the Organization, participates in ordinary and extraordinary meetings scheduled, disseminates the information acquired to the Research Centres and organizes bilateral and multilateral meetings with representatives of international research structures; 
  • It provides support to the Masaf for the formulation of research programmes and for the coordination of complex research initiatives in the international field;
  • It coordinates and ensures all the fulfillments related to the participation of the Organization in national and international scientific societies;
  • It manages all administrative, management and technical aspects connected to relations with national and international research institutions, in order to strengthen research collaborations and joint participation in international research projects and mobility programmes
  • It promotes relations with national and international institutions and bodies and provides for the preparation and signing of memoranda of understanding, framework agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Agreement in order to regulate institutional relations;
  • It supports, in collaboration with the other competent Offices, the participation of the Organization's personnel in international mobility initiatives (END, Twinning, TAIEX, Internships abroad);
  • It manages the Register of Agreements, provides for its constant updating and publication on the Organization's portal;
  • It maintains and updates the Register of representatives designated by the Organization, both nationally and internationally;
  • It coordinates the visits of foreign delegations in order to foster scientific and technological collaborations of the Organization;
  • It coordinates, also through the press office, the communication towards the "general public" through the institutional website and through press agencies, national and local newspapers, national and local radio and TV, news and current affairs magazines, specialized media, social media and other digital media;
  • It ensures support and liaison with the Research Centres for:
  1. participation in exhibitions and fairs in concert and in collaboration with Masaf;  
  2. the organization of events and participation in conferences, as far as communication content is concerned;  
  3. strategic planning related to the dissemination processes of research projects;  
  4. the treatment of information coming from the Research Centres in order to disseminate it in the media of the Institution.
  • It coordinates the management of the publishing resources and the libraries of the Institution, also through computer platforms for the dissemination and publication of scientific material;
  • It manages the electronic publishing activity of the journals published by the Institution.


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