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UDG8 - Information Systems

UDG8 - Information Systems

Speranza De Chiara

Competencies of the Office

  • supervises the training activities of the Entity; to this end, it prepares and updates annually the staff training plan on the basis of the needs analysis and takes care of its implementation and all related obligations;
  • it takes care of the preliminary investigation aimed at assigning training tools for young researchers (research grants, doctoral fellowships) and the stipulation of agreements and conventions for curricular and extracurricular training placements;
  • it takes care of the preliminary investigation and presentation of the requests for regional accreditation of the research structures in order to obtain the suitability to provide training activities towards the outside of the Body;
  • coordinates the activities of maintaining the regional accreditation of research structures for training purposes;
  • prepares the catalogue of the training offer for third parties in the fields of competence of the Body;
  • scouts for funding opportunities for training activities;
  • promotes the participation of the Body's staff in national and international mobility initiatives through internships abroad or national grants and promotes mobility initiatives from outside the CREA with particular regard to foreign researchers;
  • activates an alert service regarding calls for training opportunities;
  • delivery of e-learning training: needs analysis, identification of the type of courses to be implemented remotely, design, development of courses and management of the related platform;
  • school-work alternation: evaluation of proposals and drafting of training projects, coordination of the subjects involved and of the necessary activities, preparation of the relative Conventions.
  • manages and coordinates the library services of the institution;

  • oversees and organises the central library, encouraging the coordination and networking of all decentralised libraries and the harmonisation of cataloguing processes.

  • programming of editorial projects;

  • development and acquisition of bibliographic collections;

  • promotion, dissemination and publication of scientific open accessmaterials and the development of open access and open data policy;

  • promotion of bibliographic contents and services to scientific users;

  • inclusion of information in institutional archives (scientific events, research news, research personnel, databases and datasets, bibliographic resources, etc.).

Office D3 Training, Libraries and Publishing is also responsible for theprotection and enhancement of the historical archives of theinstitution.


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Tatiana Piccoli + 39 06 47836 411

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