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UDG8 - Information Systems

UDG8 - Information Systems

Speranza De Chiara

Speranza De Chiara

Via della Navicella 2/4 - 00184 Rome

Tel: +39 06 47836 323

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Competences of the Office

  • It guides the action according to the principles of the Italian Strategy for the Digital Agency 2014-2020 and encourages the adoption of information technologies for research and innovation;
  • It supports IT activities aimed at ensuring the proper functioning and development of the Organization's website;
  • It guarantees the functioning of the IT infrastructures and systems supporting administrative operational processes, as well as those related to research activities and communication;
  • It manages the tools for reporting IT faults and requesting technical assistance;
  • It handles relations with suppliers of IT goods and services;
  • It meets the functional requirements for improvement coming from users, implementing the necessary actions to make them operational;
  • It guarantees the integration of systems and data interoperability, as well as the consistency of data and metadata, also through a policy of centralisation of personal data;
  • It promotes the introduction of policies and standards for the security of information systems, sensitive and personal data, also through the use of methods and tools for digital identity and single-sign-on;
  • It encourages the introduction of technologies for the exploitation of information assets, the dissemination of public data (open data) and the use of big data, both for the purposes of dissemination of scientific knowledge and in the implementation of digital administration, administrative transparency and open government;
  • It promotes interpersonal communication through the adoption of solutions for digital interaction;
  • It promotes the reduction of the digital divide, through the diffusion of digital culture and the growth of digital skills, through the programming of specific training;
  • It coordinates the IT contact persons for the administration at the Research Centres;
  • It ensures the management of the central administration protocol and the coordination of the IT protocol system, as well as the management of document flows;
  • It is in charge of the digital transition activities providing for the re-engineering of processes in coordination with the competent Office.


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