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Expert panel group on Foliage and Litterfall ICP Forest



Il CREA Centro Foreste e Legno partecipa al panel di esperti del gruppo Meteorology, Phenology, and Leaf Area Index ICP Forest. Francesco Chianucci ha collaborato alla revision del manuale ICP su Leaf Area Measurements.

(Fleck S, Raspe S, Cater M, Schleppi P, Ukonmaanaho L, Greve M, Hertel C, Weis W, Rumpf S., Thimonier A, Chianucci F, Beckschäfer P, 2016: Part XVII: Leaf Area Measurements. In: UNECE ICP Forests Programme Co-ordinating Centre (ed.): Manual on methods and criteria for harmonized sampling, assessment, monitoring and analysis of the effects of air pollution on forests. Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Eberswalde, Germany, 34 p. + Annex.


Francesco Chianucci