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Expert Panel on Meteorology, Phenology and Leaf Area Index


What is this

The Expert Panel has the task to further develop the harmonised monitoring methods in the fields of meteorology and phenology as well as in the field of leaf area index, as laid down in the Manual. The Expert Panel closely cooperates with the Programme Co-ordinating Centre and the data centres in order to contribute to the data evaluation and quality assurance. 

The Research Centre for Forestry and Wood join the EP with the Italian representatives Andrea Cutini and Francesco Chianucci that participate to the Manual revisions.


(Fleck S, Raspe S, Cater M, Schleppi P, Ukonmaanaho L, Greve M, Hertel C, Weis W, Rumpf S., Thimonier A, Chianucci F, Beckschäfer P, 2016: Part XVII: Leaf Area Measurements. In: UNECE ICP Forests Programme Co-ordinating Centre (ed.): Manual on methods and criteria for harmonized sampling, assessment, monitoring and analysis of the effects of air pollution on forests. Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Eberswalde, Germany, 34 p. + Annex)


Dott. Andrea Cutini