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FAO Silva Mediterranea


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FAO Silva Mediterranea is a FAO statutory body whose member countries can meet, share experiences and establish cooperation programs. Silva Mediterranea adopted a conceptual strategic framework, the Mediterranean Forest Action Programme, in order to support Mediterranean countries in setting up their own forest policies and implementing the recommendations of the Global Forest Strategy. 

Where research is needed, the Committee established cooperative research networks on identified subjects, such as: forest fire management; selection of multi-purpose species for arid and semi-arid zones; silviculture of some particular species of conifers and cork oak; forest genetic resources; stand selection of Mediterranean conifers for the production of seed to be used in reforestation programs; urban silviculture. 

Among the Working Groups, the WG4 “Forest genetic Resources in the Mediterranean region”, coordinated by the Research Centre for Forestry and Wood, deals with in situ management of forest genetic resources, nursery chain and experimental networks. It focuses on interactions of genetic resources and their management with climate change, with implications in adaptation.  


For further details see on FAO Commission of forest genetic resources page.