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Forest Genetic Resources in Italy

By the Research Centre

Foreste e Legno


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Pending the implementation by the ministerial bodies (Authorities in charge) of Legislative Decree 386/03 and Directive 1999/105 / EC) and its integration into the Single Forestry text, in 2010 the inventory of Italian forest genetic resources was completed in situ and ex situ (mainly experimental networks), as a result of the activities with the regions, regions and programs aimed at RGV-FAO and RISELVITALIA. Concerning CREA FL, the ex situ collections in Arezzo, Rome and Casale Monferrato were recorded. 

 Part of this database is published on the MiPAAF website:  

 Part is included in the EUFORGEN / EUFGIS database:[country_name]=Italy    

The complete list is published in hard copy in the volume: 

Ducci F., De Rogatis A., (Editors) 2009 - 2010. Risorse Genetiche Forestali in Italia. Ed. CRA - SEL, Arezzo, ltalia: 180 p. ISBN: 978-88-9019233-3

Fulvio Ducci

Roberta Proietti