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Forestry and Wood


Research permanent areas

Research permanent areas


The network is composed by 645 research permanent plots (250 hectares), concerning 223 experimental trials and 38 different research items. 

The experimental areas were established starting from 1920, by CREA Research Centre for Forestry and Wood and they represent an important scientific, technical-applicative and historical-cultural heritage: 

  1. Scientific value due to the definition of suitable and innovative management systems oriented to the bio-ecological traits of forest tree species and to the socio-economic needs of mountain areas;  
  2. technical-applicative value for the possibility to provide concrete and easy-to-apply answers to public forest managers, private owners, lawmakers and forest planners. 
  3. Historical-cultural value because the experimental permanent plots represent the historical memory of the research activity in our country 

The research permanent areas are classified as a function of the specific research activity and the goals of each experimental trial: 

Silviculture – sustainable management of forest (responsibles: Paolo Cantiani, Maria Chiara Manetti, Francesco Pelleri

Tree farming – cultivation techniques for timber production outside forests (responsible: Francesco Pelleri

Ecology and monitoring – improvement of knowledge on biological, functional and productive status for main forest typologies in Italy (responsible: Andrea Cutini

Genetics and conservation – preserving and enhancing biodiversity and forest genetic resources (responsible: Maria Cristina Monteverdi, Giovanbattista de Dato, Fulvio Ducci

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