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Ex ISS-CS Test areas

Ex ISS-CS Test areas


Permanent test areas made by the Experimental Institute for Silviculture - Peripheral Operational Section of Cosenza (now CREA-FL) in Pinus nigra calabrica and Pseudotsuga menziesii plantations carried out in Calabria since 1959 by the Special Laws No.1177 of 26/11/1955, N.980 of 10/07/1962 and n.437 of 28/03/1968 and subjected to different levels and frequency of thinning trials. 

Experimental plots are composed by individual test areas (400 or 900 m2) with a control thesis and a variable number of areas corresponding to the different applied treatments. 

In addition to these areas, the experimental "Pavari" area No. 412 of Pseudotsuga menziesii, located in the Calabrian Coastal Chain. 

Contacts: Vincenzo Bernardini 

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