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USC1 - Recruitment, training and labour

USC1 - Recruitment, training and labour

Silvia Incoronato

Silvia Incoronato

Via della Navicella 2/4 - 00184 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 47836639


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Competences of the Office

  • It deals with the recruitment of permanent and fixed-term staff of the head office, including the procedures concerning the staff referred to in Law no. 68/99;
  • It is responsible for the procedures related to the execution of selections aimed at the stipulation of employment contracts of a private nature;
  • It is responsible for the procedures for external pre-corporate mobility as per articles 30 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001 and subsequent amendments and integrations;
  • It is in charge of the procedures related to the performance of selections for career advancement and the profile mobility procedures provided for by the sector's national collective labour agreements;
  • It is responsible for the activation and stipulation of any occasional and professional collaboration contracts relating to the central administration;
  •  It supervises professional and collaboration assignments;
  • It is responsible for the preliminary investigation related to the application for membership of CREA and of the research personnel of the organization in other bodies and institutions;
  • It manages the Board of experts for the competition committees;
  • It supervises the training activities of the Body; to this end, it prepares and updates annually the staff training plan on the basis of the needs analysis and handles its implementation and all related obligations;
  • It supports the Research Centres on request in the preliminary investigation aimed at the assignment of training tools for young researchers (research grants, doctoral fellowships) and takes care of the stipulation of agreements and conventions for curricular and extracurricular traineeships;
  • It carries out scouting activities on funding opportunities for training activities;
  • It activates an alert service concerning calls for proposals on training opportunities;
  • It promotes the participation of CREA personnel in national and international mobility initiatives through internships abroad or national grants and promotes mobility initiatives from outside the Organization with particular regard to foreign researchers;
  • It manages the delivery of e-learning training activities through: needs analysis, identification of the type of courses to be implemented at a distance, design, development of courses and management of the related platform;
  • It takes care of the school-work alternation: evaluation of the proposals and drafting of the training projects, coordination of the subjects involved and the necessary activities, preparation of the relative Conventions;
  • It provides support to the Director-General on trade union relations and adopts the initiatives aimed at preparing the necessary acts regarding trade union participation, application of the Italian Collective labour agreement (CCNL) and the Integrative corporate contract (CCI);
  • It provides support to the Research Centres in supplementary bargaining activities and other forms of trade union participation, verifying the compatibility of decentralized agreements with national regulations and agreements; 
  • It is responsible for activities relating to the unified trade union association (RSU), delegations and trade union permits;
  • It carries out support activities for the Guarantee Committee. 


Silvia BARRA +39 06 47836 202 - 

Paola CALDAROLA +39 06 47836 515 -

Tania CUGLIA +39 06 47836 421 -

Francesca DEONISIO +39 06 47836 409 -  

Antonio DI MEZZA +39 06 478361 -

Franco MALANDRUCCOLO +39 06 47836 504 -

Carlo Antonio MAMMANO +39 06 47836 618 - carloantonio.mammano@crea,

Luigi AMORESE +39 06 478361 -

Board of experts

Board of experts

CREA avails itself of a register of experts for the appointment of the members of the commissions related to the recruitment of the Directors of the Centers and of researchers and technologists, as well as for other obligations established by the Board of Directors.

To this end, a new software has been adopted for registration in and management of the Register. Interested in registering are invited to send their application for admission by completing the registration form available online at the following link:

Those who cannot use the software can apply by filling out the attached form, which should be sent by e-mail to

More information in the attached Vademecum.

Application CREA register of experts
Board of experts - June 2024

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