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USC1 - Recruitment, training and labour

USC1 - Recruitment, training and labour

Mrs Silvia Incoronato

Via Po 14, 00198 - Roma

Phone number: +39 06 47836639


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Competencies of the Office

  • is responsible for the recruitment of permanent staff and that pursuant to Law no. 68/99;
  • takes care of the internal and external mobility of personnel, including pre-consumer procedures as per articles 30 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001 and subsequent amendments and integrations;
  • takes care of the preliminary investigation relating to commands, transfers and secondments, including National Experts on secondment, adopting the relevant final measures;
  • is responsible for the recruitment of temporary staff from the central administration and the structures in which the Entity is divided;
  • recruits staff from the central administration through administration;
  • ensures the activation and stipulation of occasional and coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts;
  • monitors the professional, coordinated and continuous collaboration, fixed-term contracts and those of agricultural workers, the central administration and the structures in which the Body is divided;
  • takes care of the procedures related to the completion of the selection of Directors of the Structures in which the Body is divided;
  • it takes care of all the procedures connected with the completion of the selections for career advancement and the profile mobility procedures provided for by the sector's national collective bargaining agreements;
  • manages the Register of Experts for the competition commissions;
  • provides support to the Administrative Department in matters relating to trade union relations, with particular regard to:

1. preparation of the necessary acts regarding trade union participation;

2. application of national collective labour agreements (CCNLs) and KICs

3. coordination of the action of the Offices involved in the various contractual institutions, also assisting the Offices themselves in carrying out the operations necessary for this purpose;

  • provides support to research structures in the activities of supplementary bargaining, consultation and in the various forms of union participation;
  • it takes care of the activities relating to the RSU, delegations and trade union permits;
  • carries out support activities for the Guarantee Act Committee.


Silvia BARRA +39 06 47836 202 - 

Paola CALDAROLA +39 06 47836 515 -

Tania CUGLIA +39 06 47836 421 -

Francesca DEONISIO +39 06 47836 409 -  

Antonio DI MEZZA +39 06 478361 -

Franco MALANDRUCCOLO +39 06 47836 504 -

Carlo Antonio MAMMANO +39 06 47836 618 - carloantonio.mammano@crea,

Luigi AMORESE +39 06 478361 -

Board of experts

Board of experts

The Board of experts of CREA (notice and application) have been published. Documents are available both in English and Italian.

Application for CREA Register of Experts - Italian version
Application for CREA Register of Experts - English version
Albo degli esperti - Versione Aggiornata [Data di pubb. 15/06/2020]
Board of Experts - Last version [Published on 26/02/2020]

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