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USC3 - Human Resource Management

USC3 - Human Resource Management

Mara Peronti

Mara Peronti

Via della Navicella 2/4 - 00184 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 47836 310
+39 06 47836 335


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Competences of the Office

  • It provides for the analysis of personnel needs and prepares the three-year Staff Needs Plan;
  • It makes personnel expenditure forecasts for the purposes of preparing the budget;  
  • It prepares the annual statement of personnel expenses;
  • It is responsible for the constitution of all the funds relating to the ancillary treatment of personnel, preparing the documentation needed for transmission to the control bodies;
  • It carries out monitoring and control activities for the various types of personnel absence, also ensuring the related regulatory compliance;
  • It monitors fixed-term contracts and those of agricultural workers;
  • It prepares the recruitment measures and related employment contracts for the permanent personnel of the Body and the fixed-term contracts of the central administration;
  • It prepares the measures relating to the legal status and the recognition of legal benefits to employees;
  • It updates the data relating to the legal status of permanent staff, prepares the seniority and matriculation status of employees and manages the files of permanent staff;
  • It provides guidance and support regarding the correct implementation of regulatory and contractual provisions on working hours and staff absences;
  • It manages the authorisations for non-institutional activities of the central administration staff and the directors of the Centre, also for the purposes of the performance register;
  • It is responsible for internal and external staff mobility procedures, including Seconded National Experts (SNE), with the exception of pre-corporate mobility;
  • It is responsible for investigating the granting of sabbaticals to personnel;
  • It is responsible for procedures related to remote working and smart working;
  • It manages, through the NoiPA platform, the salaries and the basic and ancillary economic treatment of the permanent staff of the Body, taking care of the relations with the MEF's Central Management of Information Systems and Innovation;
  • It prepares the acts relating to the remuneration of temporary staff of the central administration and the Bodies;
  • It provides for the payment of fees relating to appointments to the members of competition commissions;
  • It prepares the single monthly report for former-INPDAP (DMA) and INPS (UNIEMENS) contributions of personnel not managed through NoiPA;
  • It takes care of the formalities connected with the issue of the DURC;
  • It makes quarterly reports on farm labour (DMAG);
  • It handles INAIL self-liquidation;
  • It manages the formalities connected with the occurrence of accidents in transit;
  • It handles relations with social security institutions;
  • It handles procedures for the verification of incapacity for work;
  • It ensures the availability of data relating to personnel costs for the purpose of reporting the costs of research projects;
  • It carries out the settlement of employee missions at the expense of the central administration;
  • It plans the annual need for meal vouchers and places monthly orders for employees;
  • It verifies the possession of the requirements and prepares the measures for the termination of employment of employees;
  • It takes care of the accommodation and certification of employees' insurance positions;
  • It prepares the schedule for the payment of the employee severance indemnity (TFR and TFS);
  • It prepares the CU for suspended, retired and temporary staff;
  • It carries out the fiscal fulfilments of the TFR in collaboration with the Financial Resources Office;
  • It manages the activities connected with the registration of employees in the Perseo/Sirio supplementary pension fund.  


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