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USC4 – Property and real estate valorisation

USC4 – Property and real estate valorisation

Fidalma D'Andrea

Fidalma D'Andrea

Via Barberini 36, 5 floor - 00187 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 47836 229


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Competences of the Office

  • ​​​​​It supports the Director-General in the implementation of the strategic guidelines relating to the enhancement of securities and real estate assets, providing technical and legal elements for the adoption of the related procedures;
  • It manages the keeping and updating of the inventory of the real estate owned by the Body, ensuring its valorisation for the keeping of the registers of the assets concerned in compliance with the regulations in force;
  • It prepares the three-year public works programme as required by current legislation;
  • It supports the Research Centres for the planning and implementation of structural interventions;
  • It prepares the Three-Year Plan of acquisitions and divestments and takes care of the consequent fulfillments;
  • It carries out activities of survey and verification of cadastral and patrimonial data of the Research Centres, through the use of the SISTer portal of the Italian Revenue Agency for access to cadastral services;
  • It prepares all the deeds relating to active leases for residential and other uses, administrative concessions, loans, rental of rustic land, as well as the establishment of real rights to use real property;
  • It handles the management of deeds relating to leases payments of immovable properties intended to house certain offices of the Body, subject to a resolution of the Board of Directors and after having obtained all the relevant opinions;
  • It manages the movable assets of the central administration and the ones registered in public registers;
  • It supervises the inventory procedures of the movable assets of the Centres, dealing with the procedures for the reconnaissance and disposal of the movable assets, through the relative inventory loading and unloading;
  • It manages the technical investigations for the interventions on the immovable properties of the Body;
  • It provides technical support for maintenance work concerning the structures;
  • It coordinates the activities related to the design carried out by external professionals, limited to acts of strict technical-administrative competence;
  • It supports the verification of the certificates of urban destination, conformity and urban compatibility certificates required by the Research Centres for the transformation interventions on the immoval properties of the Organization;
  • It supports the verification of the certificates of occupancy of the buildings of the Body;
  • It is responsible for the preliminary investigation for the signing of the incorporation deeds of legal persons, associations and foundations;
  • It is in charge of the activities related to the holding of the Organization's shareholdings in different legal entities, such as consortia, foundations, companies, associations, with the exclusion of spin-off companies;
  • It collaborates with the external company in charge of the integrated management of health and safety in the workplace for the preparation of designation or appointment acts of the Service Manager for the prevention and protection service, the Company’s Doctor and the qualified Expert;
  • It collaborates with the external company in charge of integrated management relating to health and safety in the workplace and with the HR Management, to ensure health surveillance for personnel exposed to specific risks;
  • It collaborates with the service for the prevention and with the Company’s doctor providing information on the nature of the risks, work organization, planning and implementation of preventive and protective measures, description of production plants and processes, occupational diseases in collaboration with the HR Management Offices and on the measures adopted by the supervisory bodies;
  • It collaborates with the Service for the prevention in identifying the personnel responsible for the management of workers in charge of the implementation of fire prevention and firefighting measures, evacuation of workplaces in case of serious and immediate danger, rescue, first aid and emergency management and in the preparation of administrative acts of designation;
  • It collaborates with the Service for the prevention in the preparation of the acts necessary for the organization of training courses for personnel in the field of health and safety in the workplace, fire/emergency and first aid;
  • It provides technical support for safety and emergency management aspects;
  • It ensures the coordination and support to companies for the purposes of experimentation and research by managing those where no experimental activities are carried out;
  • It coordinates the management of the company dossier, the Single Application and the PSR;
  • It takes care of relations with the Agricultural Assistance Centre (CAA) and with the Organic Activities Certifier;
  • It carries out the analysis of the needs related to the acquisition and maintenance of large scientific gear and equipment for laboratories in order to promote its joint use by several research centres;
  • It organizes and manages the services related to the building and plant maintenance of the central administration head office, verifying the correct execution of the respective contracts;
  • It coordinates and manages the organization of the furniture and equipment of the central administration offices in accordance with the directives issued by the top management;
  • It organizes and manages the general operating services of the central administration (access, concierge, switchboard, security, cleaning, etc.) verifying the correct execution of the respective contracts;
  • It manages the goods and stationery warehouses, archives and depots of the central administration.  


Andrea CAMPETI +39 06 47836 343 -

Marco DI PAOLO +39 06 4786 600 -

Paolo FANTECHI  +39 06 47836 354 - 

Katia INGOGLIA +39 06 47836 284 -

Gianni MATURILLI +39 06 47836  -

Francesca MESTICHELLA +39 06 47836 275 - 

Liana SANTARSIERO +39 06 47836 206 -

Gloria TUMBARELLO +39 06 47836 360 -

Gennaro VASSALINI +39 06 47836 226 -

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