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The weather has a fundamental influence on the agricultural management and it strongly affects agricultural production, both in qualitative and quantitative terms. The knowledge of the characteristics of the local climate has always guided crop choices and zootechnical activities and the planning of the agricultural activities cannot disregard the meteorological trend of the agricultural seasons.

The scientific discipline studying the relationships between meteorological variables and the different components of the agro-ecosystem is called agro-meteorology, which has assumed in time an increasingly important role in the agricultural planning, also due to the greater meteorological variability of recent years, in particular for the increase and the intensification of extreme weather events.

Within the research activities of the Research Centre CREA Agriculture and Environment, several research projects are carried out in the agro-meteorological sector, with the aim of developing analysis, methodologies, indices, indicators and modelling. In this sector, there are also institutional research activities, in order to enhance the agro-meteorological resources and the basin of information and skills in the agro-meteorological sector and in order to provide technical support to policy makers, at national (Ministry of Agriculture) and regional level (Regions).

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For the CREA-AA monthly agrometeorological analyzes consult the "Agrometeorological trend" section of Pianeta PSR magazine of RRN


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