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Digital Soil Mapping


What's this

Published soil maps are furnished by the service, either as downloadable files, or as printed copies when available.
Furthermore, the service elaborates digital soil maps at any scale, from the field to the national scale, applying geostatistics and spatial statistics techniques, as investigated in the digital soil mapping research topic. The digital soil maps are elaborated on the base of punctual soil data archived in a soil database (which are not furnished by the service), or surveyed (upon dedicated agreement). The digital soil maps can include environmental and agronomic evaluations.  For the field soil surveys the service is equipped with proximal sensors. Furthermore, the service owns an archive of soil samples, which have been scanned with Vis-NIR spectrometer, and an archive of soil thin sections, related with the soil database data. The soil samples, and soil thin sections can be used for research or didactic purpose, after agreement.


Data sharing

Maps published, either on web-GIS or as printed copies, are furnished free of charge. The service for elaboration of new maps is given upon dedicated agreement.

Service users

The service users can be: private citizens, farmers, farms associations, agricultural extension and farm advisors, public national and international institutions.

Competence location

Agriculture and Environment Research Centre, CREA-AA, Florence, Via Lanciola 12/A

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