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Italian Association of AgroMeteorology (AIAM)


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The Italian Association of AgroMeteorology (AIAM) is addressed to researchers and technicians from universities, research institutions and public services dealing with agrometeorology, the science that studies the interactions of meteorological and hydrological factors with ecosystem, agriculture and forest activity. Therefore, it is a true “border science” aimed at promoting all the research links based on agro - and forest - ecosystems.

Italian Journal of Agrometeorology (IJAm) is the official scientific journal of AIAM.  IJAM is an “open-access” journal published by Firenze University Press (FUP). Each article is subject to critical evaluation and review by Field Editors with specific expertise in different scientific fields and by members of the International Editorial Board. Dr. Domenico Ventrella is a member of the Managing Committee and Field Editor of IJAm.

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