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Management of the National Register of Italian Honey Bee Breeders


What is it?

The Service enables enrollment in the National Register of Italian bee breeders, which is a tool for the safeguard and improvement of the Italian autochthonous subspecies of Apis mellifera. The Register has the purpose of steering, on a technical level, the breeding and selection activity to increase the economical value of these populations.

Delivery mode

The service is carried out by checking whether the applicant is suited for the Register, based on the criteria set out in the Register’s Techincal Protocol (Disciplinare) and consequent enrolment if accepted by the Central Technical Committee.

Who is it for?

Queen bee breeders who conform to national beekeeping legislative requirements, who have an official registered commercial activity (VAT number), with at least 3 years of professional experience, at least 100 beehives, and adequate technical equipment and infrastrucure, and who breed bees of on of the autocthonous subspecies.


CREA - Research center for Agriculture and Environment, Via di Corticella 133, Bologna, Italy.


Cecilia Costa

+39 051 353103 Ext. 02

Patrizia Bergomi (Secretariat)

+39 051 353103 Ext. 05 - Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00