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Agriculture and Environment


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Technical-scientific Committee on the new Common Agricultural Policy – CAP


What's this

The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is the EU policy aimed at the development of a uniform agricultural sector throughout the Community.

The Committee consists of 11 Working Groups, one for each thematic area of identified expertise. The activity involves examining documents and formulating technical opinions, attending meetings at the MASAF or other departments where necessary, participating in meetings or activities at international institutions.

Several experts from CREA - Agriculture and Environment take part in the Scientific and Technical Committee.

Thematic area 3: Air quality - GHG emissions, etc

Thematic area 4: Water quality – treatment of wastes (Nitrates Directive, agreement bacino padano-veneto, etc.)

Thematic area 5: Soil quality – sustainable management, organic Carbon, fertilizers, etc.

Thematic area 6: Organic farming

Thematic area 7: Defense – sustainable use of pesticides, etc.

Thematic area 8: Biodiversity

Thematic area 11: Renewable energies