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Board of Directors of the National Academy of Olive and Oil in Spoleto, Rende and Rome offices


What it is

Dr. ENZO PERRI and Dr. ENRICO MARIA LODOLINI are members of the board of the National Academy of Olive and Oil. 

The Academy has legal personality with registered office in Spoleto and is governed by an Academic Council that aims to contribute to the progress of knowledge aimed at the valorisation of the olive tree and its products. 

What is it for

It is an apolitical and non-profit organisation, and aims to achieve, for example, the following goals: 

a) to promote studies, research and discussions on the major issues concerning the olive and oil supply chain; 

b) to organise cycles of lectures, seminars, conferences, held by Academics or other experts invited by the Academic Council, concerning the improvement of olive growing, olive oil extraction and the valorisation of the products of the supply chain; 

c) to set up observatories, workshops and study commissions; 

d) to organise conferences to deal with the most important technical-economic, legal and nutritional aspects, in accordance with the objectives indicated in art.1, in the framework of agriculture and national and international economy. 

To whom it is addressed

The National Academy of Olive and Oil is aimed at the world of research, private and public companies that deal with the olive tree and its products.