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European Fruit Research Institutes Network – EUFRIN, Forlì and Rome offices


What it is

Dr. Daniela GIOVANNINI, Dr. Giuseppina CARACCIOLO and Dr. Marcello CUTULI are members of the European Fruit Research Institutes Network (EUFRIN). EUFRIN is an informal, voluntary and non-profit organisation of European research institutes specialised in fruit growing. The main research and development institutes of 22 European countries are members of the network. 

What is it for

The aim of EUFRIN is to encourage collaboration between European research institutes to foster the development of the fruit sector. The Network promotes the exchange of information on research results, interacts with the European Commission to suggest research topics for funding and prepares research projects that meet the priorities of the European fruit sector. The Network is organised in crop-specific and/or thematic Working Groups (WG). Dr Giovannini is Chair and Dr Cutuli is member of the Apricot and Peach WG, Dr Caracciolo is member of the Apple and Pear variety testing WG. 

To whom it is addressed

Research community, public and private companies in the fruit sector. 


Daniela Giovannini

+39 0543 89428 (internal 4)

Giuseppina Caracciolo

+39 0543 89428 (internal 5)

Marcello Cutuli

+39 06 79348130