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Table of nut supply chain - Chestnut Section (Rome office)


What it is

Dr. Maria Rosaria TABILIO participates in the "Table of nut supply chain - Chestnut Section" as alternate representative. The above mentioned table has been foreseen for the relaunch of the sector and for the containment of particularly harmful phytophages by sustainable means. It consists of four Working Groups and one Steering Committee, with coordination functions. The specific topics are grouped into two sectors: chestnut growing for fruit production and chestnut growing for wood production. 

What is it for

The general objective is the competitive, sustainable, integrated and multifunctional development of the Italian chestnut sector through the enhancement of chestnut products obtained from the cultivation of Castanea sativa. In particular, the aim is to improve the competitiveness of the Italian chestnut sector in the long term by making sure to: 

  • protect the integrity of the Italian chestnut groves by defending them from the galligenous parasite of the chestnut (dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu) through biological control 
  • favour and support the associationism of producers 
  • promote the adoption of technological innovation 
  • encourage the consumption and use of Castanea sativa products on the national and international market with marketing actions 
  • select chestnut groves and plan them for best use (fruit, wood, other) 
  • protect the production of Castanea sativa by defining effective protocols based on molecular methods for the rapid recognition of different species of chestnuts and hybrids 
  • support quality certifications (PDO, PGI, organic, wood quality marks etc.). 
  • adapt marketing standards to the needs of Italian producers and processors 
  • adapt processed domestic products to the standards of international and European markets 
  • improve the effectiveness of foreign product controls at entry points and storage sites. 

To whom it is addressed

The establishment of this supply chain table, created both to relaunch the Italian chestnut sector and to face new health emergencies, intends to be a support to all technicians and operators in the sector, researchers, representatives of the chestnut world, public administrations at central, regional and local level.