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Technical Commission Plant Strengtheners, for boosting the natural defences of plants, Acireale office


What it is

Dr. Giancarlo ROCCUZZO is a member of the Technical Commission Plant Strengtheners , which are agents that strengthen the natural defences of plants. The Commission provides the MiPAAF with assessments and opinions regarding the requests submitted by stakeholders, for the inclusion or modification of "Products used as strengtheners, enhancers of natural plant defences” list. This activity includes any request for additional documentation to the application submitted. 

What is it used for

The Commission shall also review the products already included in the above list in the event that they no longer meet the criteria for inclusion, in order to remove them or change the requirements or the minimum conditions necessary for their marketing and use. 

To whom it is addressed

Research community, private and public companies, producers' organiszations, control bodies, technicians and farmers dealing with technical means for organic farming.