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Olive, Fruit and Citrus Crops


Long Term Experimental Devices (Acireale, Rome)

Long Term Experimental Devices (Acireale, Rome)


The Centre has Long Term Experimental Devices (DSLP) in its various locations in order to conduct research and dissemination activities related to: crop diversification, use of fertilising composts, varietal evaluation, traceability of production and quality of fresh and processed products, definition of innovative cultivation techniques for the control of growth and production.

In Rome, the DSLPs support research in organic farming (RETIBIO). In particular, the actions are: the use of long-term experimental devices as laboratories for multidisciplinary studies in agroecology and ecophysiology, the implementation of agroecological techniques in organic fruit and olive cultivation, the evaluation of the quality of products obtained in organic farming systems with a high degree of diversification, the consolidation of the bio relational network with stakeholders in the production chains.

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