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Olive, Fruit and Citrus Crops


Crop Protection Laboratory

Crop Protection Laboratory


Research involves the development of innovative methods for the monitoring, identification, characterization and containment of diseases and phytophages of fruit, citrus and olive trees, major phytosanitary emergencies, alien arthropods and vector insects. The laboratory studies plant-pathogen interaction in order to identify the molecular mechanisms underlying genetic resistance. In addition, the laboratory performs the morphological and molecular characterization of bacterial pathogens, fungi and phytoplasms, and develops diagnostic protocols. The Entomology Laboratories are equipped with an electronic remote control monitoring system (E-trap) for the detection of some phytophagous insects.

For more information, please contact:

Giuseppe Russo (Acireale office)

  • +39 0957653120

Milena Petriccione (Caserta office)

  • +390823256244

Enzo Perri (Rende office)

  • + 3909844052212

Ignazio Verde (Rome office)

  • +39 0679348183

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