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Olive, Fruit and Citrus Crops


Laboratory of Fruit Quality and Agri-Food Technologies

Laboratory of Fruit Quality and Agri-Food Technologies


The research activity identifies tools and methodologies to study and guarantee quality, origin and provenance of products (from integrated or organic production). The laboratory carries out analytical investigations and develops technologies to maintain the qualitative, nutraceutical, sensorial and microbiological characteristics of pre- and post-harvest products, to extend the shelf-life of fresh and processed products. In addition, it deals with the development of sustainable technologies for the processing of products and the valorisation of agro-food industry waste.

In the field of post-harvest quality, through the use of alternative substances to synthetic fungicides (GRAS, thermotherapy, antimicrobial substances of natural origin, edible coatings, microbial antagonists), research is carried out both on biotic and abiotic alterations of fresh fruit and on strategies to control physiological and/or caused by pathogenic fungi alterations . In addition, research is carried out on the development of innovative technologies for the processing, preservation, transport and marketing of the fruits (e. g. using edible antimicrobial coatings of natural origin) and on the development of innovative and biodegradable solutions for fresh fruit packaging.

For more information, please contact:

Giuseppe Russo (Acireale office)

Milena Petriccione (Caserta office)

Gianluca Baruzzi (Forlì office)

Enzo Perri (Rende office)

Ignazio Verde (Rome office)

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