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Olive, Fruit and Citrus Crops


Greenhouses (Acireale, Forlì, Rende, Rome)

Greenhouses (Acireale, Forlì, Rende, Rome)


Within the S. Salvatore experimental orchard in Acireale there are protected structures (greenhouses and shade structures) where hybrids of citrus fruits resulting from the genetic improvement program of this office are grown. Some of these structures are also used to preserve some accessions of the citrus germplasm.

In the CREA-OFA, Rome there is an area   dedicated to the production and maintaining of plantsfree from Sharka. It consists of a screen-house with the following sizes: length m. 19 x width m. 5 x height m. 2.5 + m. 0.8 arc. It is equipped with a waterproof cover, externally shielded by anti-aphid net (20/10), a door protected with anti-aphid net and equipped with a lock. The site is accredited with the Lazio Region (Regional Phytosanitary Service) and has a production plan for fruit plants approved by the same phytosanitary service. In the Rome office there is also a greenhouse for the acclimatization of micropropagated material and greenhouses for maintenance of cuttings and of seedlings deriving from breeding activity.

The farm in Magliano -Forlì is equipped with greenhouses where the first phase of growing  of seedlings from peach, strawberry, pear and apple tree obtained by genetic improvement programmes is performed, starting from seed germination. Strawberry breeding crosses are also carried out in greenhouses. There are also tunnels for the breeding of basic category of strawberry plants as part of the certification path (Premultiplication Centre (CP1) first phase).

In Rende there is a protected structure for breeding and experimental trials, characterized by a propagation room with automated and radio-controlled mist system, an air-conditioned supplied room for experimental tests on varietal susceptibility to biotic and abiotic stress and a room equipped with lamps for forcing seedlings coming from genetic improvement program.

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