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UDG5 - Technology Transfer

UDG5 - Technology Transfer

Corrado Lamoglie

Corrado Lamoglie

Via Archimede, 59 - 00197 Rome
Phone number: +39 06 47836 458
Fax: +39 06 47836 214


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Competences of the Office

  • It supports researchers in the protection of research results and manages the processes for the filing of applications for patents, exclusive properties rights, trademarks, even in relations with co-owners outside the institution, using authorized representative where necessary; 
  • It manages the register of the intellectual property rights of the Body and the research results; 
  • It manages the IT platform for the publication of research results and intellectual property rights, classified and filed according to criteria that favour the widest possible use by stakeholders; 
  • It carries out the activities needed to ensure the fulfillment of the patents and properties rights regulations and the spin-off regulations; 
  • It handles the processes for the establishment of spin-off companies of the Organization; 
  • It supports the Centres in the exploitation of research results, through codified procedures, up to the drafting of the relative contracts; 
  • It manages the register on contracts for the exploitation of the intellectual property of the Body; 
  • It provides support to the Research Centres in carrying out demonstrative activities and territorial testing of the research results obtained, in order to encourage the development and dissemination of innovations among companies; 
  • It verifies the revenues deriving from contracts for the exploitation of the intellectual property of the Body as well as the management costs of the individual industrial property rights associated with them (in collaboration with the Financial Resources Office USC2); 
  • It supports the Research Centres in the economic management of contracts and in initiating possible remedial actions in case of violations (in liaison with the General and Legal Affairs Office - UDG7); 
  • It monitors third stream activities and supports the Research Centres in relations with companies and marketing activities. 


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