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UDG5 - Technology Transfer

UDG5 - Technology Transfer

Mr Corrado Lamoglie

Competencies of the Office

  • scouts project proposals and research projects in order to promote their dissemination;
  • supports researchers in the protection and exploitation of research results;
  • supervises the processes for filing patent applications, rights and trademarks, also through representatives;
  • manages relations with external co-owners of the entity; maintains a register of the entity's intellectual property rights;
  • prepares the contractual models that directly or indirectly concern the development and/or transfer of materials belonging to the entity both for research and development purposes and for commercial use;
  • participates, together with the research structures, in the drafting of the contracts and their substantial and formal verification, in preparation for the signing by the General Manager;
  • ensures the creation and the maintenance of a register of transfer and concession contracts;
  • verifies compliance with the contractual clauses and takes remedial action in the event of violations;
  • provides support for the definition of projects for the “maturity” of patents in order to increase their commercial value;
  • it is responsible for the development and dissemination of an aggregate and shared picture of the results of research and innovation produced by research centres on topics and sectors of particular interest;
  • manages the IT platform for the publication of results and innovations, classified and archived according to criteria that encourage interaction between the actors involved and document archiving;
  • takes care of the organisation of the offer of mature results that can be transferred on the basis of the needs expressed by specific territorial production contexts;
  • provides support for the implementation of demonstration activities and territorial testing of the results obtained at research centres in order to encourage the development and dissemination of innovations among companies;
  • manages the collection of royalties deriving from industrial property concession contracts (patents and plant rights), also through specialized brokers, and the accounting of management costs and revenues generated by individual industrial property rights (in collaboration with the Budget Office); verifies compliance with contractual clauses for economic aspects, and initiates remedial action in the event of violations;
  • shall calculate the fair premium payable to inventors and the fees payable to inventors for industrial patents assigned to the institution or to be charged to inventors in the event of their ownership, and shall provide the Patents Committee with the relevant data;
  • carries out the periodic valuation of the “securities portfolio” and monitors the related accounting data in order to assess the appropriateness of maintaining or discontinuing the protection;
  • is responsible for preparing an annual report on the proceeds from the management of industrial property, addressed to the Board of Directors through the General Manager;
  • oversees the processes for the establishment of spin-off companies of the Entity.


Paola AVANZINI +39 06 47836 285 -

Grazia LA STELLA +39 06 47836 457 -

Salvatore MOSCARITOLO +39 06 47836 286 -

Alessandro PISCICELLI +39 06 47836 451 -

Letizia POMPILI +39 06 47836 344 -

Asset Publisher

Elenco degli Avvisi pubblici di invito a presentare manifestazioni di interesse per l'acquisizione dei diritti d'uso della proprietà intellettuale che il CREA ha inteso valorizzare attraverso le imprese

Avvisi per la valorizzazione delle innovazioni 2018-2019-2020

L’edizione 2019 del Catalogo della Proprietà intellettuale del CREA rappresenta il secondo aggiornamento dopo quello del 2015 e propone all’attenzione delle imprese interessate 124 nuove schede informative su titoli di proprietà industriale/intellettuale del CREA che vanno ad integrare l’offerta di conoscenze la cui proprietà intellettuale è in capo al CREA o, come in alcuni casi, è a titolarità congiunta anche con le imprese che ne hanno condiviso lo sviluppo. Tra le novità dell’edizione 2019 sono rappresentate dalla diversa veste grafica e dalla forma descrittiva che rendono più agevole la consultazione e più facile l’individuazione dei potenziali vantaggi collegati all’utilizzo dell’innovazione.

Scarica il Catalogo 2015-2019

Linee Guida per la raccolta e la visualizzazione dei Risultati delle ricerche e delle Innovazioni del CRA. Allegato 1 - Guida all'Inserimento dei risultati realizzati Allegato 2 - Classificazione dei risultati Allegato 3 - Guida all'Inserimento delle Proprietà intellettuali

Scarica le Linee Guida per l'inserimento in Monitor di Risultati e Innovazioni

Four years later, an update of the CREA Intellectual Property Catalogue has been carried out, proposing new descriptive cards and recalling the changes that have taken place in the meantime in the state of the titles already reported in the 2011 edition. The Catalogue, with the 2011 edition and the update to 2015, gives back to the reader more than 600 descriptive cards of innovations: industrial inventions, plant novelty rights, varieties enrolled in the Varietal Registers. The update to 2015 alone allows us to see almost 200 new innovations that have been made in the industrial and plant field in the face of the fruitful work of researchers and staff belonging to the CREA research facilities.

Download the Catalogue

Elenco degli Avvisi pubblici di invito a presentare manifestazioni di interesse per l'acquisizione dei diritti d'uso della proprietà intellettuale che il CREA intende valorizzare attraverso le imprese

Consulta gli Avvisi per la valorizzazione delle innovazioni - 2018-2019-2020
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