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Technical publications

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Genetic selection and marker assisted selection

Year of publication: 2018

Research centers: Genomics and Bioinformatics

A short video (in Italian) shot by RAI scuola at the head office of the research Centre which briefly illustrates the modern work of genetic improvement.



Malattie dei cereali a paglia

Year of publication: 2003

Research centers: Genomics and Bioinformatics

The book " Malattie dei cereali a paglia" (in Italian) is an easy-to-use technical manual for the identification and management of fungal and viral diseases in small grain cereals.

The text illustrated the general aspects that can contribute to the best understanding of the pathogens and plant pathogen interaction, and the main fungal and viral diseases of wheat, barley and oats. The book is an help for technicians and farmers to protect cereal crops from potentially devastating diseases

DAI GENI AI SEMI: genetica e biotecnologie in agricoltura

Year of publication: 2010

Research centers: Genomics and Bioinformatics

Today we almost all live far from fields and agriculture, and we hardly know them anymore. Most people have an image of what happens in the fields that has more to do with cultural or commercial suggestions than with reality. The myth of the countryside-museum, the idea that the work of the fields was - before the advent of modern agriculture - an idyllic and timeless activity, is very far from the current agriculture. This myth impacts also on the perception of the role that innovation, particularly genetic innovation, has in agriculture.

The development of knowledge on the transmission of genetic heritage from one organism to another in both animals and plants has opened up possibilities for intervention that have revolutionized agricultural production over the past century. The booklet “Dai geni ai semi” (in Italian) presents in a simple and scientifically correct way, how the plants we grow today are the result of the human driven genetic improvement and what could be done in the future with the use of modern genomic knowledge.