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Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy

Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy

Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy

Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy

The Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy develops cognitive and interpretative analyses of economic and social dynamics related to the agri-food, forestry and fisheries sectors. The main institutional activity is the analysis on the trend of the agro-food system, the in-depth analysis of the sector and the analysis of the functioning of the supply chains. See the institutional brochure of the Centre.

It represents the liaison body between Italy and the EU for the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), which is a collection of original and detailed socio-economic information on a sample of farms, classified on the basis of a common typology. Initially created for cognitive needs on the economic functioning of agricultural enterprises, over time, the FADN has become an indispensable support for the definition and management of agricultural policies.

It is the implementing body of the National Rural Network Programme (NRN) which accompanies the implementation of European rural development policy through systemic actions aimed at improving the capacity building of the administrations involved, animation and information activities aimed at achieving the informed participation of stakeholders on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) issues, through communication tools aimed at civil society and networking paths for the comparison between relevant actors at territorial and sectoral level.

The Centre participates in the Operational Plan for Agriculture (POA) with technical-scientific support activities for the programming of irrigation investments, the transposition of the EU legislation on the subject and the synergistic integration with environmental policies, national and regional policies.

The Research Centre provides technical and scientific support to public and private institutions and is engaged in various thematic areas of study, which are articulated in numerous research projects, many of which are conducted through collaborations with other institutional entities, universities, national and international research institutes, and also with private entities.

The Centre is the seat of the CREA Statistical Office.

Check the site's institutional brochure.

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Newly released Issue 1/2023 of REA (Italian Review of Agricultural Economics) is available online

Newly released Issue 1/2023 of REA (Italian Review of Agricultural Economics) is available online. These seven articles give an insight on several...

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Il contributo del CREA al Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2020

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“Romacereali”: il contributo del CREA alla definizione degli scenari

Presentato il rapporto “Romacereali” al seminario internazionale sul comparto cerealicolo, organizzato dalla Camera di Commercio di Roma in collaborazione con il CREA Politiche e Bioeconomia.

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Upcoming events

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Dec 2023

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location_on Centro di ricerca Zootecnia e Acquacoltura - S.S. 7 Via Appia - 85051 BELLA MURO (PZ)

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Dec 2023

hour 09:00

to 13 Dec 2023

SAVE THE DATE: 13/12/2023 - Presentazione del Sistema Informativo Nazionale Forestale (SINFor)


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The Three-Year Research Plan 2018-2020


The Three-Year Research Plan 2018-2020

CREA's three-year activities plan contains the ten-year strategic vision and operational planning of both the Body in general and the individual Research Centres in particular and is updated annually.

It is prepared by the Scientific Council, adopted by the Board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism.

Discover the Three-Year Plan of CREA


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History of CREA – Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy


History of the centre

The origin of CREA Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy dates back to the merging of INEA (National Institute of Agricultural Economics) with CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Economics). INEA was founded by Arrigo Serpieri in 1928, with Royal Decree n. 1418 of 10th May 1928, aimed at carrying out surveys and studies of agricultural and forestry economy, following the changes of the new Italian agro-industrial system.

Since the 1930s onwards, the versatility of the Institute is witnessed by a set of important inquiries, representing the first steps of the applied social sciences in our Country in the post-war period, period of the agricultural reform. In the 1960s, its extraordinary versatility was instead evidenced by an active involvement in the setting-upof the CAP’s cognitive tools.

The Centre has offices in all Italian regions.This allows to foster significantlythe promotion of a culture on the agrarian accountancy, at a national level,as it represents the liaison between the Italian State and the European Commission in the creation and management of the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN).

In the 1970s, it suffered the crisis of the entire agricultural sector.However, between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the following decade, it gained a new centrality thanks to its ability to capture the spirit of the new CAP.The Centre has therefore assimilated, in the economic-agricultural research, the major themes of environment, sustainability, natural resources and local development, then transposed by the new Statute of 2005 and by the following regulations.

In this phase, the Institute has gained an ever-increasing visibility at community, national and regional institutions, thanks to an intense support activity to policy decisions and analysis of the socio-economic contexts in the development of the primary sector and of the agri-food system.  As from 2015, INEA was therefore merged into CREA, with its rich cultural and professional background. Today CREA is the major agricultural research Institute in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.